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More than one thinker made a close study of the distinction between “science” and “wisdom”. Certainly, they are not synonymous. All through history the valuation of both concepts suffered very noticeable variations, in accordance with a bigger or a smaller interest for mankind, its origin or its destiny, or for its affairs, investigation and exploitation. In a very large and imprecise evaluation one can say that science is more a question of the young and wisdom more proper to the elderly. That doesn’t mean, far from it, that all the elderly are wise, of course not, even though one can appreciate a major tendency, with age, towards more transcendental and abstract thoughts. What we want to say is that everything is important, that there are both sides of the coin and both are essential and complementary. Nobody doubts that both have always been present in some specific people.


It is obvious, nowadays, that we are living under the science empire and, curiously, it is exactly at this same moment when the elderly are more drastically put aside from all the social and political matters. There is no pensioner “quotas” or “fees” in the institutions nor in the private or public councils; at the most, some highly skilled places reluctantly acknowledged. Of course some people pay pensions and sanitary services, but as besides concessions, like trips for elderly, separated or discriminated people are never asked to collaborate and even less to take decisions.


We are a Senate, in the etymological meaning of the word, the European Savings Banks Senate, and we can say that our “Euromeetings” are the deliberative sessions of that senatorial institution. In these ones, we talk about interest, economical aspiration, and concrete circumstances. Of course we do. All this affects us very much. But maybe we should insist in the reach of this role that, since the beginning, we assumed as the standard bearers of the elderly integration in the social organs of decision, in social strata that affect us directly, of course, but also in all that would include the context of the so much desired and necessary European Social Card. We have ideas, values, positions to provide and it would be an unforgivable extravagance to do without our presence in the forum in which the future European society is designed. It would not be fair, nor convenient. Even though they would allow us major financial or beneficial concessions. And what is noteworthy is that, in theory, in the delicate words lathing, people occupying the highest positions in these institutions and organisms, national and international, applaud expositions like the ones included here. And they encourage us and proclaim their identification with these ones, recognizing their legitimacy and justice. All this goes on until one gets to the facts, the real and effective concessions, and then everything is padded out with good intentions and theoretical solidarity. We think that considering this reiterated observation, maybe we should start, now, to use the threatening language of the requirement. We have trumps to play. We can do it.


It is obvious that science commands: statistics, macroeconomic magnitudes and great investigation programmes are really important. It is essential to be able to count with spirit, feelings, mankind values and capacities, and to eliminate the age discriminating barrier. It is, in the last extreme, a question of wisdom.