Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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I'VE had the opportunity to personally verify the validity of the AGE Platform thanks to the continuous contact, which started a year ago with my registration in a debate about pensions as representative of the Italian Federation of the Associations of Pensioners (Federazione Italiana delle Associazoni dei Pensionati del Credito). In this way I have realized the extent of the problem, analysed in all its aspects during the debate. It has been deeply studied in order to reach the conclusions that could be used to influence the EU organizations when making decisions on this matter. Nevertheless, the debate did not close the subject, and as evidence, AGE has formed a group of experts in pensions to be the contact point on a nation wide basis, and to analyse how AGE works on pension's matter in order to put into effect the Open Coordination Method agreed by the European Council.




Despite the economic importance of the problem, this is not the only aspect within the AGE politics, for each problem affecting the elderly is treated, as the fight against their discrimination and social exclusion, the need to asses their experience, which is related to the problem of permanent education and training, social and health care, the recognition of the social value of the activity done by the people in charge of the older ones, that are sometimes forced to quit their jobs, and the need to make contributions during this period of their lives.


It is, in short, an ensemble of activities, information and a warning about the facts and proposals we want to communicate for the achievement of new programs and initiatives. Anyone can check it on the monthly bulletin of AGE were all the important events can be found, as well as our associations and their members. So in order to support the work of AGE it is necessary that, both the associations connected to our European Group and their members, collaborate in an active way in the task of this Platform. We appreciate both the direct collaboration and the connexion through Internet aiming to make the messages reach all similar institutions and politicians sensitive to our problems, and always with the target of recognition of our existence, as well as that of our organizations, of our right to be heard and addressed when treating the problems that affect us.


What I have said is easy to understand and to put into practice. The real problem is the superficiality and unawareness of the need to participate as individuals, and not to delegate on the ones that have always been in charge of the activity of our associations, which have realized the importance of the participation of everyone.


So this is, in short, my own opinion, offspring of my collaboration in the task of AGE, and I hope my words will reach all the members of our Group, that I invite to cooperate in an active and continuous way in the achievement of our aims.


Franco Salza

President of the Association of Pensioners

from Savings Banks from Torino

National Syndical Federation of Credit Pensioners