Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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The deputy Douyere has presented a draft law that, if approved, will lead to the disappearance of the saving banks and the retirement bank, and to the rash and continuous erosion of our pensions and to the total absence of any representation for retired people.


Mr. Douyere puts forward the old same old stories of banks group and of other entities and bodies aired in the press: the over-high rate of exploitation, above average salaries, overweak financial results, excessive hiring of staff, an overgenerous retirement regime, over-favourable social structures, etc. etc. Arguments that are frequently refuted on analysis.


The proposal does not forget the exclusion of retired people in name at the requests of the group, like the weakening of the existing democratic majorities, essentially aiming to capture our own funds to balance state taxes and nourish other deficient retirement organisations, among others. We, says R. Leterre, have resorted to the written word in our meetings with Mr. Douyere, with the ministries of guardianship, with the office of the prime minister, with the stockholders’ presidents, of the groups and of the financial committee, arguing that the urgency of reform should be applied to the poorly-faring sectors, which is not our case.


And still there are more alarming rumours: about transforming saving banks into cooperative anonymous societies, giving full powers to the shareholders and admitting associated investors (banks, insurance ...), and something very grave: the exclusion of the circuit of deposit banks.



(From INFOS retraités)