Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen:


First, I would like to give you the fraternal greet of all our retired colleagues of the Savings Banks of France.


I would also like to beg you to forgive my absence, and please believe that it was really beyond my control. An overload diary, full of appointments, was the only reason.


Indeed, the Savings Banks of France and its General Pension Bank are actually threatened in their structures, statutes and specific characteristics as well as in their economic and social functions.


A politico-economic coalition tritely arose for a reform project of our institutions (Banks and other Pension Banks) in order to include them in a generalized system that has not proven anything good yet, on the contrary. We have reacted quickly, before the one and the other, united in this all the different sensitivities of Savings Banks’ Group from France. We keep on with our conversations and meetings with the ministries, press and internal representatives, and nothing is definitely solved yet. The displacements within our provinces, reports redaction, all this represents a big task, as you certainly understand.


But we fear that what affects our Savings and Pension Banks today comes to affect identical institutions in Europe in the future. That is why we agree with a European Social Card that would include all the parties and among them the retired people. We must have a representation of quality within all the authorities that are dealing with our case, as well as in the ones where we are absent for now, with the will of being, as we say in France, “fully-fledged citizens and not apart citizens”.


In this respect, recommendations or instructions from the Commission of Brussels would be most welcome to all the countries member of the community.


We are in favour of the intergeneration solidarity and we appreciate the moral values existing in it. Beyond this point of view, an organization like ours in the national field, or like our Group in the European field, as well as like the International Federation of the Elderly People Group (FIAPA) in the world, are playing a civic role, of pressure and human, irreplaceable, since it is impelled by altruism and disinterest.


In order not to extend me too much, I would like, within the context of a Europe in the middle of a “europeanization”, sometimes wavering, in a world in the middle of a “worldalization”, sometimes chaotic, to mention the Euro.


Nowadays nobody knows what will happen with this new means of change, without any doubt more practical in order to travel through the community since it replaces the national currencies. I don’t want to discourse upon the pro or counter- ”currencialists”, upon the Euroskeptics or the others, upon Bretton Woods, etc, but we can notice that since the currency replaced the barter, the human emancipation and progress were only for some people, and misery and exclusion for the majority; war, for everybody. Then, will the Euro be a progress and peace weapon and will it be able to rival with the dollar and the yen in the international currency markets?


The answer is for tomorrow. And for today, Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for your attention, and I would like to confirm the support of our National Federation as well as my personal regards.




President of the National Federation of the Savings

Banks Retired Staff of France