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EUROMEETINGS allow us to get to know each other, have dealings with each other, to share studies and projects, experiences and ideas, together with those who have dedicated themselves to the same special task, distinct and important, and that is neither more nor less than a past that unites the great European family of savings.


The first European meeting was the constituent assembly of the association, celebrated in Brussels in 1993, “The year of people of advanced age and solidarity between generations” with the assistance of 350 members of the founding countries (Belgium, Spain, France and Portugal) and of various Europarliamentary and high posts of the European Commission. The support we got from the European Union was very valuable, the European Association of Saving Banks and the ASLK-CGER Bank and the support of the European Assembly. We leave proof here of our gratefulness to all of them. In spite of that, the idea of organising ‘Euromeetings’ regularly was approved by the board of directors of the Association, celebrated in Toledo (Spain) 22 April 1995.


The “Euromeetings” last 7 to 10 days, dividing time between study meetings, cultural tourism and leisure time. The Association prepares work programmes and contracts hotels directly, restaurants, excursions, interpreters, etc. achieving in this way a attractive touristic package and a magnificent relationship of quality and price, that the assistants pay for directly to the travel agency. The “Euromeetings” celebrated until now have been: 1993 in Brussels (Belgium); 1996 in the Residencia ISDABE of Spanish savings banks on the Costa del Sol (Málaga - Spain); 1997 in Palma of Mallorca (Balearic Islands - Spain); 1998 again in ISDABE; and, for 1999, we are preparing another in Benidorm and simultaneously an international congress in Alicante (Spain), open to other collectives of retired and young people, underneath the title “A society for all ages “


The experience has been very positive, so we decided to carry out a survey to orientate and improve these future happenings. The result of what the assistants told us at the “Euromeeting 98” is published in another section of this bulletin.




President of the Group of European Savings Banks

Retired Staff and Pensioners.