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The Plan of Social Attentions (PAS) of the Association of “La Caixa” attempts to give direction, company and security to the associates and family members who need it. The services are offered on a voluntary basis exclusively for the associates who disinterestedly bring their work from the social setting (consultations and telephone calls) and personal visits to the sick, accompanying them to see the doctor, walks and other motives for going out.




The human team which takes on these tasks does so with great care, constancy and sympathy and extends them to family members of associates and active personnel.




The Association completes a large number of cultural and recreational activities, like a Memory Workshop (with supervision of specialists), Round tables, School of Design, School of Bridge, Choral Society, informative bulletin (quarter) and morning visits to museums, monuments and civic institutions.




Montserrat AIXALÀ

Agrupació d’Empleats Jubilats i Pensionistes de la Caixa

d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona (La Caixa).