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Every year we reunite, every time we repeat our EUROMEETINGS, we do it more as formal Europeans, social, and judiciously. I desire, with every fervour, that we may also be it spiritually.


We retired people and pensioners of the saving banks agree putting ourselves at the head of the professional associations which desired to create a common range of advocacy of their own interests and also of collaboration with the members of active workers of the same in what already one denominates the new common fatherland. When this night ends, we will have written another page in the book of our modest history.


I will not go on to list in detail everything that has happened since May 1997 when we had a very close and satisfactory life in Palm of Mallorca. All have affected our present and immediate future and authorize me to urge each one of you to attain what we have defended all our lives inside the limits of national boundaries already nearly overcome, to continue in the new Europe under construction, that always should have been for the many of us who love the existence of the universal fatherland of western cultures.


A first reading from what happened this year in the breast of the European Union, says our Dr Advisor. Blasco - you could give us the erroneous impression that monetarist policies carry on being the only ones European politicians think about. But the social dimension of the Union carries on being its decisive point, and covers fields as different as violence, immigration or cultural identity. Not everything is finished. It seems more like we are starting a new phase in the construction of Europe, a phase in which we all have to make our voice heard”.


I must manifest that our study days have been inspired with the desire to consider in all its respects the possible birth of a Foundation as an instrument suitable to solve in the present time the economoc problem presented by the development of our institutional programme. Without high installments of membership or subsidies or donations it is not possible to maintain a minimum administrative structure , taken ahead only with the volunteering of a forecedly limited number of retired people. Our organization has been able to exist, with many difficulties, thanks to the extraordinary collaboration of the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterràneo (Alicante. Spain). We wait for the planned Foundation to bring into being the adequate catalysing energy which our task requires.


It is necessary to underline that with the celebration of the Euromeeting next year in Benidorm (Spain), coinciding with a Congress of the highest technical and representative level organized by the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterranèo, we must propose the achievement of the greatest success for a collaboration which will give us access to all type of contacts in each one of our countries of origin. The title will be “Euromeeting. A society for all ages. “A new culture based on age and social profitability for the next millenium.


We have opened up a good opportunity for a good public relations exercise for all our associations, dealing with a particular interesting initiative for all social strata.


I finish by thanking everyone for their collaboration with a brotherly hug and request for Mr José Lidón, our new president and architect of the EUROMEETINGS, a hearty applause.




Ex-president of the Group of European Savings Banks

Retired Staff and Pensioners.