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AGE, the European platform with the aim of expressing and promoting the interests of the elderly within the European Union, has established its work programme (May 2002 – April 2003) focusing on the ageing of our society, and several

initiatives in areas like fighting against discrimination, protection and social exclusion, and employment. This programme

will help to develop those initiatives in different ways:


• The platform AGE will work as intermediary between the European institutions and the associations of the elderly in

the different member-countries.

• It will improve the processes of policy elaboration, and will help in the analysis of the policies of the UE and member-

countries whenever those will mean discrimination because of age.

• It will give the elderly and their associations the necessary competence to participate in debates about issues that concern them, and it will support the creation of the European network and the exchange of information between the elderly and their active associations, in various fields of prioritary policies. Moreover, AGE will contribute to strength cooperation between our national associations.


The programmme will include the following issues:


I.- Improvement of the process of elaboration of policies in European and national contexts, in prioritary issues as:

a)       Social protection.

b)       Social exclusion.

c)        Employment.

d)       Education and preparation throughout our lives.


II.- Diffusion of information in a bi-directionnal process:

a)       Information to the elderly and their association about initiatives of the UE concerning   discrimination because of age.

b)       Information about situations, opinions, and needs presented by the elderly before the European institutions.


III.- Giving the elderly and their associations all the necessary means in order to help their worries to be taken into account when a decision-making process is having place; facilitating the exchange of information and their inclusion in the network.

IV.- Facilitating the participation of associations of the elderly in the programme of fight against discrimination.

V.- Consolidation of AGE as a European Platform.