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WE would like to use our first words to thank you for your warm welcome to the project of building a residential  complex for the elderly in our Costa Blanca; thanks for your suggestions, thanks for all the encouraging words that we have continously received.

All these signs of affection have encouraged us, even more, to go on, because from the beginning we have intended to make a project for all of us, all that are part of the family of Savings Banks veterans; in short, your project, an idea for all. After this obligatory prologue –we must always show our gratitude–, we will now comment on the results of the survey distributed among the members of our Association and the members of the foreign groups that attended our last Euromeeting, in which we were able to see the hard work and good skills of our colleagues Pepe Lidón and Pepe López. First of all, we must say that the answers were detailed enough, a fact that proves our sensitivity concerning such an important project. A total of 170 members answered our survey; this group was formed by people from many countries of the European Union: Germany, Italy, England, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, France, Austria, and Spain. These are the results:



• The main preference is to have the residential home in the coast, or inland near the coast. Only 8% would prefer to have the building inland.

• A great majority would prefer a building in the outskirts of a small or medium city. 29% would like to have the building in the centre of a small or medium city. Only a few people would like to build the complex in a big city.

• The maximum distance to a hospital would be between 15 and 5 minutes.




• It should have a medium or big garden. Our members like this option better than having the complex built near a big city.

• The building should have 3 stories or less; the best option would be different buildings spread in the garden.

• A low building in a small or medium city would be better than a big building in the centre of a big city.

• The members have asked for commodities with identical characteristics to those described in the survey; that is, living rooms, cafeterias, rooms for medical attention, chapel, gym, game rooms, and so on.

• According to the planned visits of family members, it would be convenient to build a hotel as an annexe to our residential home.




• The preference is an already furnished room, with all the elements of a hotel room, plus the system of personalized attention.

• Everybody has agreed on having single rooms; double rooms only when residents are couples.

• The option of sharing a room is not accepted.



• A good number of people seem worried about being able to have good medical attention; the working hours of the medical personnel is of relative importance.

• The presence of one or two physiotherapists is considered necessary.



• The preferred option is to have 2 daily menus, always served in the dining room, except in cases of illness.

• Religious services within the complex are considered necessary.



• The preferred economic options would be between 1,000 € and 2,000 € a month. The option of contributing with 90% of the pension to pay for the services has met with little success; this shows that practically all our members receive pensions of more than 1,200 € a month.

• An accepted option in order to help to build the residential home would be the subscription of bonds for an amount between 5,000 € and 10,000 €. And this is all. Once more, thank you! We almost forgot to tell you that we are still working; we have found a magnificent site of more than 30,000 square metres in a small city, near the coast, from where you can see the beach; it is place alongside a river, five minutes away from a hospital, with great possibilities, near a medium touristic city... Are your mouths watering? So are ours. We will keep you updated.


Roberto Colom and José Ramón Yébenes