Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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Article 1.- Right of the elderly to have access to a 'total quality' life, the foundation of the  common welfare.

Article 2.- Right to preservation of the personal conditions of the elderly, in the highest degree of mental, psychological and physical selfsufficiency.

Article 3.- Right to prevention and rehabilitation treatments, in first, second, and third grade.

Article 4.- Right to free treatments and to necessary means in order to communicate with the social environment; and right to avoid physical and mental decline: hearing aids, dental prosthesis, prescription glasses, and other means in order to help the elderly to maintain the functionality and decorum of every person.

Article 5.- Right to live in a familiar and comforting environment.

Article 6.- Right to receive proper attention in institutions, residences and hospitals; to be treated by the personnel, managers included, with courtesy, attention, always showing respect for the dignity of every person.

Article 7.- Right of the elderly to be respected in each and every aspect of their personal  identity; and right to not suffer offenses against their modesty or decency, always respecting their private life.

Article 8.- Right to receive a guaranteed income, which will allow them not only to survive, but to develop a normal life, integrated in their own social environment; and right to self-determination and to have the possibility of improving their status.

Article 9.- Right to have their abilities, resources and personal experiences valued, in order to use them to benefit the common welfare.

Article 10.- Right to enjoy new informative and cultural services provided by the State –with the generous cooperation of volunteers and non-profit organisations–, along with structures that will develop the learning of new activities, in order to keep the elderly active, playing the first role in their lives, and, at the same time, being part of the civil development of the community.